Sunday, 10 October 2021

Back to Front Quilt Making

 I had so much fabric left over from Nella’s autumnal selection that it made sense to piece a back for her quilt, even though the top blocks were not all done. Instead of joining large chunks, I decided to make it a bit more interesting and unplanned so I cut up some strips and squares and started joining them together. I would call this method improvisational, even though there is nothing modern or wonky about it. I doubled up the measurements for a Goosey Guddle block so it ended up 4 times larger than the original, taking up a nice big space on the bonus, reverse quilt.

I even managed to do 2 automated customer quilts, one of which was a new pattern by Tracey Pereira called Loopy-Loops.

It felt like a hectic week, even though I hardly took any photos and have absolutely no recollection of what else I did…

Nella is already on a mid-term break from college so we hope to have a chilled week with a couple of outings. I also am determined to get her quilt done otherwise Halloween will have been and gone before I know it!

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