Sunday, 4 June 2023

Finally got a-ROUND the circles!

Almost my whole week was spent stitching around a seemingly never ending supply of circles. Some of the circle-squares had 8 processes - reverse appliqué circles, stick silver lame to reverse (some with ricrac), blanket stitch around the silver circles, sew in thread tails, cut and heat press coloured and metallic rings, zig-zag or triple stitch around the coloured rings, sew in thread tails, stitch around the big zig-zag rings twice with silver thread, kantha-style stitching around many circles. Finally they can be carefully pressed and trimmed, then pieced together. 

The next dilemma is whether to add blue sashing as “punctuation”. The trouble is that I will feel compelled to embellish the sashing in some long-winded way… I was getting quite bored with the hand-stitching by the end!

Two customer quilts got done and I had a day in Edinburgh giving tuition to a new Q20 owner. That machine was fixed in a table, not moveable on a frame so it was not my usual longarm quilting skillset. I know how the machine works, of course, but the method of quilting and some operations are a bit different. 

Summer is racing on now that June has arrived. I need to decide if I can get the quilt ready for FOQ and I must work out a rough plan for Nella’s summer holiday. I can’t work out where the time goes!

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