Sunday 12 May 2024

Buy it or Work Out how to Make it?!


The obsessive rabbit hole that I fell into this week was all to do with Travel Journals. I have been accumulating stationery for my (grown-up) children to keep holiday diaries like they did when they were little. Obviously, I had to watch copious Youtube videos and several of the channels recommended a pouch by Delfonics to in which to keep all of the bits and bobs. Those pouches are Japanese and cost a minimum of £40.00 so I decided that I could make my own. Firstly, I ordered a pdf pattern which cost me $5.00 then I had to watch 4 painful episodes on YouTube in which the maker kept apologising for making mistakes like the pockets being too small to hold pens. I got the gist and make my first prototype. 

I used very heavy duty canvas which was not conducive to making square corners so the next one I had a go at had rounded corners. The thing was getting the zip band to fit the circumference of the bag panels. It has to be considerably smaller and my maths is not up to figuring out ratios so I worked by trial and error. I spent FAR more time figuring out this project than I should have so if I had bought the Delfonics pouch for £40.00 I would have been quids in;) Well, now I have drafted a pattern which I will refine further to include pockets with gussets and a super-neat lining.  Eventually I will make a Youtube video which I hope will be easy to follow!

Nella had asked if “we” could make her a quilted jacket which meant could I order the fabric, quilt it, cut it out and work out how to put it together. I spent a long, stressful day figuring out how to put the relatively simple jacket together so I could post it to her in Norwich. She is delighted with it but has not sent any photos. My selfie does not really show it off properly…

Since I was spending so much time in the workshop, I managed to get a couple of customer quilts done in the background:)

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