Sunday, 14 February 2010

I wish I could work out how to put the pictures exactly where I want them!


  1. I thought I had worked out how to make commenting easier...but it woouln't let me respond to Sew Addicted to say THANK YOU!

  2. OK - so you have to select a profile from the drop down list below and can be anonymous if you like!

    (sp= wouldn't!)

  3. Just checking to see if I can not be anonymous as well...

  4. Hi Linzi,
    Love reading your updates whether you put them on Blogger or Wordpress.

    BTW, the all-knowing friend says if you just upload your pics, then individually "cut" and "paste" you can have them wherever you want.

  5. looks like Jayne's friend should give me a Blogger tutorial. I daresay I'll get it sussed eventually but before that I will be messing about with Audacity which converts sound recordings into wavs or wags or something...!