Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mad as a March Hare (in April)

I questioned my sanity when I had to ring a list of people who may be able to have my children after school when I forgot to check whether my neighbour was actually available and when I set off to Inverness with the Yurt without the full address and telephone number of my destination. I will put it down to trying to think of too many things at once. I need to go back to old fashioned list writing and consider printing off all non junk emails. In the end, everything worked out fine and I had a clear run to Smithton, where I met Sandra who did a great job of looking after me. I was glad that Highland Quilters had a team to help me including two very patient men without whom things would have been tricky.  The church hall had a brand new carpet so I was unable to chalk a 9 foot circle to mark where the wall trellis should be placed. Someone eventually had the bright idea of laying down bits of paper and after that things went really smoothly apart from breaking another roof pole tip – I will just need to have around 3 spares I think. The talk seemed to go down well, despite the audience sitting in a curve around the Yurt so I hope they all caught most of it!

As we have had another week of good spring weather, I dyed some lengths of fabric for the roof of Yurt2. I dyed 6 times as much fabric at a time than was recommended in the instructions so the colours were lighter but they are still really good shades. I did some complicated calculations to work out the most efficient way of cutting the pieces and I intend to start quilting the long roof panels this week. I have even loaded the Lenni frame with the Mo's Hare panel so I need to pluck up the courage to quilt that too. I am hopeful that it might do for a two-person category FOQ entry since I have not done any show quilts for over a year now.

The sunshine spurred me on to finish Freya's new quilt, take up the hems on Fenella's new school dresses after she tried to squeeze into last year's frock complete with woolly tights & sheepskin boots, and I even went on to clean out the summer house and garden yurt. Freya and Millie entered the Balmoral Run for the first time and ran 2.5km in a very respectable 12+ minutes. Welly and Mabel willingly lined up for dog hair cuts. I looked up some recipes in case we decide to have a last-minute garden party to celebrate the Royal Wedding – I wonder if Prince William and Kate Middleton will have Coronation Chicken and Gin & Tonic Sorbet on their menu?


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