Sunday, 10 July 2011


We were all packed up ready for our camping trip so I went to lock up my workshop. Noticing that there was a strong smell of elderflower champagne, I found that one of the bottles had exploded and that several others were bulging ominously. I tried to move them gingerly like unexploded bombs into the large stone sink, aware that one of the plastic bottles was making a cracking sound like an iceberg. There followed an almighty deafening explosion and I was showered with sticky champagne and dared not open my eyes to survey the damage. Apart from dripping with fizz, there was also a fair amount of blood dripping from somewhere. After I had showered for the second time that morning, I discovered that I had a deep gash just above my eye. Tania and Freya stuck it all together with some steri-strips while my husband attempted to mop up the mess and disposed of the rest of my home-brew. He wrapped the remaining bottles in a towel and threw them into the field where they exploded dramatically. I was extremely lucky that I did not get a direct hit in the eye and I dread to think what could have happened with glass bottles. It has been a curious experience having a swollen black eye – people seem to stare but avoid asking what happened as if imagining all sorts of domestic horrors. I did go to the surgery the next day where the nurse complimented us on our first aid skills. Instead of being taken aback by the unusual circumstances of my injury, she mentioned that her previous patient had been the victim of burns caused by scalding hot homemade jam.

We have been spending a pleasant week with family in Norfolk where it seems warm even when raining in summer. I have to admit that I do not enjoy sleeping in a tent as much as I did when I was much younger. It is either chilly or too hot and I seem to lie in bed thinking I must go to the loo but would rather not get up and tackle all of the necessary zips on sleeping bag and tent walls. I have been trying to get into the spirit of it all but have sneaked back into my parents' house a couple of times.

We had a really enjoyable day in Norwich, visiting the castle, cathedral and wandering around the quaint streets. We had a delicious supper in the Waffle House which has not changed at all for years. After the shock of browsing in a trendy and expensive shop called "Jack Wills" with Freya I bought a simple skirt pattern and some Amy Butler fabric to have a go at dress making under my mother's supervision. It reminded me why I don't usually sew garments as I find it all so confusing. I think I could make another one if I approach it like a quilt with binding and buttons.  Going to the beach and having campfires has not allowed me any time to embellish the show quilts that I brought with me, let alone work on the Yurt Book draft but it has been really great to spend time eating outside and toasting marshmallows.

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