Sunday, 17 June 2012


I only managed to fit in one quilting project after catching up on paperwork, emails and two days in the classroom. This was a simple customer quilt made out of thrifty scraps of velvet, linen, wool, cotton lawn, velour and damask. My machine decided that it did not want to quilt fast through this combination, despite recent challenges with oilcloth and lurex. This type of quilt is true to the original concept of utility patchwork where all sorts of fabrics are recycled into a utility bedcover. After it was all done and bound I was rather pleased with the finished quilt.

The next big thing to get excited about, apart from the ideas that are gathering for a new series, is... that the Quilted Yurt USA has been invited to be exhibited at the International Quilt Association Festival in Houston, Texas 2012 in a special exhibition entitled, "Tactile Architecture." Obviously, there are a few logistics to work out such as packing, shipping, insurance but those are just minor details ;)!!!

There won't be much time to think about any of that in the week ahead as I am teaching in school for 3 days and ferrying the children backwards and forwards to Aboyne for the biannual Dance Centre Show. I should at least try to make some notes and draw a few sketches while I am hanging around. This time next week everyone will be exhausted and there will be another busy week of school to cram in after that!

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