Sunday, 1 July 2012

School's Out for Summer - despite the rain!

The ground was so waterlogged that Sports Day was cancelled so I used the chance to crack on with the huge bargello quilt so that I could bind it and post it back to the Isle of Skye. I fitted in a DIY customer who wanted to put large spirals onto batik & black quilt and by the time that project was complete, I was itching to do a little piecing for a change. I decided to make a few sample blocks using a new curved cutting ruler. It is a good job that there were Youtube video demonstrations since I could not figure out the written instructions at all. I am sure they were perfectly clear but I was totally lost. I eventually worked out what to do then felt obliged to make some modifications in order to simplify the process. One day I must challenge one of my quilting friends to see if they are less fazed by patterns than I am. I really liked the resulting blocks in the end and they may be contenders for the Not-So Wholecloth that is in my mental list of quilts to do one day.

The week whizzed by with a school prize-giving ceremony, piano exams, end of term Church service and we even managed to book our family holiday at last. We will be going to Middelfart in Denmark at the end of July. The plan is to visit Legoland, eat smorgasbord and visit a Viking museum or two. There is no guarantee that the weather will be sunny but surely it cannot be much wetter than it has been here in Scotland?  

I refolded and reorganised all of the fabric in my workshop in readiness for catching up with one or two projects over the summer. I find that I can't concentrate if my workspace is messy as I can't figure out what I am supposed to be working on. I want to tackle the Australian Bewitched blocks first then use some more of the Aboriginal fabrics to experiment with the curved ruler or possibly freehand cut some curved blocks. I would really like to sort out all of the paints and beads that are hidden in a drawer and rehome them in a vintage kitchen cabinet that I have not yet repainted but if I start on that I won't get anything else done...

Mo gave me a sack full of distressed leather that she had stripped off some old armchairs. It looks perfect for my new Norse project as it has been aged by being sat upon for years and it even has a few holes. I have no idea exactly what I will do with it or even if it will co-operate but weirdly, it reminds me of the preserved Iron-Age bog bodies which is apt as I have been looking for images of Viking burial posts online.

The sun made a brief appearance so I decided to remove cobwebs and mop up in the summerhouse & yurt. I am hopeful that we will use both of these during the holidays even if we have lousy weather. Some of the cushions and rugs in the yurt were damp and mouldy but as soon as I finished the job it started raining yet again. I hope to find a couple of sofas in the junk shop so that the children can at least pretend to be outside in the fresh air. Maybe they will take their guitars outside for a jam or have a go at learning the harmonica and cajon drum that arrived this week. Although we have a 7 week holiday I know that it will go quickly and before I know it, I will be packing up to go to the Festival of Quilts!

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  1. I have been looking everywhere for a distressed leather patchwork quilt. This is how I came upon your blog. Are you by any chance using those pieces to make one you'd consider selling? Even if it's a small one....
    Email me back if you like,