Sunday, 30 June 2013

In Between Sports and Fetes


I knew I should not have allowed myself to start an epic novel series such as "Game of Thrones" - it proved to be highly addictive and I was in danger of becoming so engrossed that I did not want to do anything else, rather like when I never got around to my Latin homework as a teenager because I had my head stuck into a good read!

We enjoyed a blustery and damp school sports day on Monday. I was prepared for Scottish June weather in my well-worn drizabone coat, scarf, woolly blanket, and flask of coffee. The children insisted on ice-cream afterwards even though hot chocolate may have been more welcome.

I cracked the whip and made myself get on with the stitch-in-the-ditch quilt that I had been putting off for some time. I used Superior monolon thread on top to minimise the effect of any wobbly lines. The trouble with SID quilting is that it is very unforgiving if the piecing is even just a tiny bit off kilter. I made use of a tiny ruler but much of the quilting was done freehand going around lots of tiny triangles. The customer requested minimal additional quilting in the background and no other quilting in the blocks so I had to restrain myself  to some basic swirls and plumes, although I would have liked to added some custom work if I had been given carte blanche.

I allowed myself a few hours to add dome subtle machine embroidery around some of the circles and arcs on Dunes Duet. It was a repetitive task but quite enjoyable as it was easier to hear the radio when using the domestic sewing machine. I enjoyed catching up with "The Archers" and current affairs on Radio 4. 

I went on a Mums' Night Out on Friday and realised how much of a music square I have become over the years. We had a meal followed by a Jessie J and Rihanna Tribute Act... I hardly recognised any of the songs, words or dance actions. And it was far too loud - it was impossible to chat to the person next to me so I resorted to communicating by texting.    I will take earplugs if I ever get invited along again. 

I enjoyed watching the Glastonbury Festival on Saturday evening from the comfort of my sofa with Bluecat and a bottle of wine that Fenella won for baking one of the best cakes at the school fete. It is wonderful what a liberal dose of icing sugar can do to disguise slightly crispy edges. Our ever-defective oven tried to sabotage my damp lemon loaf but I rescued Fergus's Aztec chocolate cake just in time. Once it was covered in frosting and edible glitter it looked pretty good - it tasted even better. I have suggested that I might take Freya to Glastonbury in 2015 but only if Glamping and sitting on a comfy deckchair with a flask of coffee and splendid homemade cake in a tin!

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  1. I SOO SOO know what you are saying about the music! I dont recognise ANY of it! lol x

    I love love LOVE Game Of Thrones .. I started reading it when it first came out... MANY years ago! Every time a new book comes out I re-read the whole lot! Have re-read it again this year!!! Love it and am waiting IMpatiently for the next volume .. hopefully next year xx