Sunday, 1 December 2013

Little to Show but Plans and Lists

It feels like I am not sewing enough but there is a lot going on - checking items off lists at least proves that some things have been dealt with, although a few of those seem to have  been on the list for rather a long time. I am really counting down the days in school, hoping to get SO much more done in the New Year. 

Something that I fiddled around with fruitlessly over the weekend was trying to plan a quilt design on the computer. I have a copy of EQ6 on my old laptop but it is not terribly user friendly when you want to do a custom layout. I am eagerly awaiting the Mac version of EQ7 which is due out in the New Year. There are other ways of drafting shapes of course but I am not a graphic designer so in the meantime I have bought a pad of graph paper and I will simply colour the blocks in with felt pens.

I finished a charming appliqué quilt for a customer. There was a lot of stitch-in-the-ditching   around rabbits and flower pots followed by tiny background fillers. Since there are no more urgent customer quilts waiting to be done, my very patient friend, Tania, helped me to swap the longarm machines over and box up the one that is being sent back to the USA. That was a big job that I was glad to get done so hopefully now I will “bond” with my new generation Millennium. Maybe the first quilt to be done on it will be the shot-cottons that I have been working on as a side project. 

I took the girls into Aberdeen for a completely frustrating trip. We were not allowed into my preferred carpark suitable for Landrovers as it was full so we had to drive around the city through manic traffic until we found another large, outdoor spot. The main reason for the trip was that we were meant to book train tickets to Norwich over the Christmas holidays but I discovered that I had left my family rail-card at home. The next stupid thing we did was to take Freya’s acoustic guitar to the music shop to get a new string fitted only to discover that the guitar teacher had already fixed it! After battling through the frenzied Christmas shoppers I most certainly do not intend to return to the City this year and I will complete my  gift buying in our small town or else courtesy of Amazon!

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