Sunday, 1 March 2015

Good Enough to Go

With a postal deadline looming, I could only add glassy beads to the main circular section of “Bifrost Bridges”. I will decide later if it needs to be totally encrusted but the main thing was that it was finished, bound, blocked, labelled and therefore as good as it was going to get before being sent to Glasgow. 

Facebook notifications informed me that other quilters had received the good news that their entries had been successfully juried into AQS Paducah. I was disappointed that “Dunes Duet” was not selected - I know it has been successful elsewhere but I had really wanted to see it hanging there when I visit the show in April. Philosophically, I know that “you can’t win them all”. Now I feel that I need something bold and fresh to work on to rekindle my excitement. I have a few ideas but can’t decide which to run with. I am frustrated that I have all sorts of pieces just sitting bubble-wrapped up in my workshop because they are too bulky to ship or just don’t suit most quilt show categories. 

I travelled to Falkirk and back in one day to give a talk with a Powerpoint presentation  followed by Show & Tell. I could not remember whether I had ever properly tested the digital projector that I bought on Ebay and I faffed around all morning before I left trying to get it to connect to my laptop without any instructions. Luckily, I have another neat one that does the job but the higher-spec one was meant to provide a bigger picture and sound. I think I will challenge Fergus to see if he can get it to work;)

I cut out 40 kits for my classes at ICHF Glasgow then spent far more time than I should have making up a sample. The classes will only be around 1 hour long and the students will not have access to sewing machines so I doubt whether anyone will complete their project. The finished cover has a simple zigzagged outer edge that any basic sewing machine should manage to do. I wanted to check the fit because the Pink Pig notebooks have a much larger wire spiral binding than the Red and Blacks that I normally use. 

My Google history for last week informs me that I spent some time browsing goose-down jackets, violin cases, flights to London, electronic scanner/cutters, projector instructions, and that I took an online quiz confirming that my head is full of useless information. 

I spent a couple of days catching up with my folks. My Mother has been in Scotland for several weeks nursing her brother in the final stages of cancer. Sadly, he passed away last weekend so we will be attending his funeral next week. 

Later that evening, I will pick up a hired van to load it up with the Yurt, Coracle and Totems ready for the exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow. I dread the exhibition setup and tear-down afterwards but I always enjoy talking to the visitors. In the evenings I hope to catch up with Ellen and get on with some more of my Ebook edits. I am keen to reach the point where the only part left to complete is the videography…

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  1. Your quilts are just stunning, so modern and works of art! Love to you all, following the passing of your uncle.