Sunday, 7 June 2015

Bad Computer!

My Mac almost had a nervous breakdown this week but after several hours on the phone with Jack from Apple Support, things have improved. The Mac had decided to do some massive indexing task after my photo spring-clean and just went into a kind of memory overload meltdown. I am hugely relieved that I managed to back everything up - I had feared that a total crash was imminent. At some point I may have to take it to the Apple Store and add some more memory and get a real person to check it over. It was annoying how much time this all took as I had planned to complete the Yurt panel descriptions. 

My new friend, the dress-making dummy, whom I have named, Daphne, arrived in the post and she is now modelling my waistcoat. She still looks very slim as I have not adjusted her dimensions to match mine. At some point, I will have to select a suitable garment to construct so I can justify her existence.

Freya and I gutted the garden yurt, heaving out the soggy carpet and disposing of the wasps’ nest. There were rather a lot of bugs to remove and the stove contained 2 dead greenfinches plus a bat corpse. We wrapped up the sailing dinghy that had been stored inside temporarily two years ago and swapped it for my cable-reel table. The roof still leaks but the yurt is no longer cobwebby or full of wasp-killing powder so the kids will be able to use it over the summer (which does not show any signs of arriving yet this year).

The Bernina Q24 longarm is on its way at last; I am hopeful that the courier who estimated up to a 10 day delivery period to Scotland was over being cautious! I was getting anxious about completing the Tartan quilt in time for FOQ so I decided to go ahead and do all of the invisible stitch-in-the-ditch on the Millie. I have now made several sketch plans for the quilting of this project. I think it would look “authentic” if I only quilted diagonal lines for the whole thing to look like woven wool but the purpose of this quilt is to demonstrate what the Q24 can do so it really needs a variety ruler work and freehand quilting. My problem is keeping it simple, achievable, a bit Welsh/Celtic and showing off a bit at the same time! It looks like I will be changing my mind as I go along…

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