Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sew, Press, Repeat

Part of my week was spent putting the Bernina Q24 longarm through its paces with Tracey Pereira who will be available for Q24 demonstrating and tuition in the South of England. She flew up to Aberdeen and the rain did not stop for 48 hours. It didn’t bother us in the workshop where we fiddled with threads, feet, changed all of the settings then changed them back just to get to really know how the machine works. The BSR works slightly differently to the APQS so we were deciding on the best way of teaching how to use it for ruler work. It was great to experiment with another experienced longarmer, discussing showing a customer the easiest ways of loading a quilt and how to take the plunge with quilting. We were so engrossed that we forgot to take a single selfie!

Vivienne phoned to apologise for the slight delay of the publication of Deviant Quilting. Vivebooks has never tried to squeeze so much video into a single Ebook before. It won’t be too much longer and I still need to get a couple of quirky intros uploaded onto Youtube anyway. She asked if I would like to think about a future book so I have already started making a list of ideas…

I enjoy a bit of piecing now and then but I began to get rather fed up with my variation on a log-cabin block for part of the Purdah Quilt. Each of the 49 x 6” blocks had 21 pieces which proves that I haven’t got the patience required for a “Dear Jane” complicated type of quilt. At least I got to listen to a lot of BBC Radio 4 as I added to my slowly growing pile. I had “forgotten” that the kids would be starting a 2-week break from school next week so it is just as well that I got the most time consuming piecing out of the way. There will be other piecing to do after rather a lot of preparatory cutting has been done. I did wonder if I should be doing yet more time consuming wonky, modern free-piecing but then I told myself to get a grip otherwise this more-complicated-than-it-should-be-side-project simply won’t get done!

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