Sunday, 22 November 2015

Trials and Tweaks

The kids had two days off school at the beginning of the week so I decided to fiddle about experimenting with triangular shaped purses with zips that could hold coins, chargers or hang on the Christmas tree. They are really basic, using up quilted samples and offcuts. I made them in a couple of sizes, changing the way the zip went in and which way it unzipped. I wondered if they would look neater with tabs but the small ones just ended up looking bulky. I worked out how I might mass produce them as gifts. I also had a go at making small circular purses which I decided would look fun with googly eyes. I might have a go at making a ladybird coin purse if I can find some pieces of leather. Needless to say, I decided that I needed a few more coloured zips so I ended up buying a batch of 100 online while I was ordering 25 pairs of googly eyes… 

I visted Brian and Carole in Stirling to make a few minor tweaks to their Q24 machine so the very sensitive stitch regulators would stop more promptly. We made some minor adjustments to the frame and quilt sandwich and soon got it performing excellently. when I arrived home a parcel had arrived from Holland with a fun goody-bag from the OEQC show. These included some nice reels of thread, a Christmas panel and a very nice Bohin marking pencil. 


I juggled 2 DIY quilters and tried to work out how to mark the heavy wool shawl for the Purdah Project. Every time I tried to draw a pattern with chalk the fabric would shift. I thought about ironing on some stabiliser but I couldn’t get it to stick. The next idea was to iron on some freezer paper but it also kept coming off. I had wanted the whole thing to be hand stitched rather than longarmed but I worked out that the best plan would be to sew the pattern on through some sort of stabiliser using the domestic machine, then add hand stitching and possibly more machine stitching later. In the end I ironed some horrible grey industrial interfacing onto the reverse side of the shawl and drew out the pattern with a sharpie. I bet if I try to peel that stuff off later it will just decide that it is truly STUCK on! However, it will at least help it to hang straight if it won’t come off. I attempted to dye a skein of embroidery cotton black since I have not been able to buy any locally. It was a messy process and I ended up with stained hands. I was annoyed to find out the next morning that the red thread that I dyed black had dried brown. I think I will just log on to Ebay and mail order some black cotton yarn.

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