Sunday, 24 January 2016

Channelling Jaipur


I loaded up the Civil War customer quilt but I have not yet decided how to tackle it as some of the squares are only 1”. I jotted down a few ideas but kept thinking of other things to finish off first! It is one of those quilts that is rather intimidating but once there is a plan it will be fine…

I had a vague plan for the last Purdah quilt in that I wanted it to be busy and riotous in comparison to the other, more subtle ones in the upper layers. However, I could not decide whether it was lacking in sparkle or suffering from too much. I guess it will be one of those pieces that just needs MORE embellishment until it is absolutely saturated with colour and texture. 

I printed with woodblocks around the hexagon motifs and left some areas “clean” but I think I will go back after the background quilting is complete and print over the block seams to see if that ties it all together. There are disturbingly baggy areas in the middle of the triple-stitched large hexagons which may require some sort of crochet disguise. 

I have reached the point where I am worried that the quilting is too chaotic and yet I want to add more stitching with neon coloured thread! Part of the problem is that there is not really much background to fill in with paisley-style motifs so I expect it will all be a bit random. I am ever hopeful that by the time I have attached the little mirrors I will like this quilt again! My mission for the week ahead is to get it to that point and to make progress  on the scary quilt with lots and lots of tiny patches;)

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