Sunday, 7 February 2016

Nose to the Grindstone

I can tell I have spent a long time on one project when I start hearing repeats of Radio 4 programmes. I finally finished the Civil war Sampler this afternoon after turning the nearly finished quilt so I could tackle the remaining borders horizontally. It was almost all done using a small curved ruler and straight line stitch-in-the-ditch apart from a freestyle swirly spiral in the cream areas. It was a very labour intensive quilt and there were times when I felt that it was never going to be done but I am pleased with it. If it was my own quilt I would be tempted to add dark red French knots or tiny buttons in the border… I will settle for trimming off the stray threads tomorrow and getting it ready for posting!

Freya was busy revising for her Advanced Higher Prelim exams and another milestone test, her driving theory, which she passed! We walked the dogs each day and met up for coffee in the kitchen but we spent most of our time concentrating on our tasks in hand. Now that the Civil war Sampler is done I need to deal with some piles of paperwork, decide which small project to submit to “Pretty Patches” Magazine and then I hope to finish embellishing Purdah 3:)

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