Sunday, 8 May 2016


Because of the Mayday Holiday I had a 4 day week that felt as if everything was packed into 2 days. In addition to, a day in school, a DIY quilter and the usual kids’ activities,  I also had to attend evening meetings for their forthcoming school trips to London and Frankfurt. I have been trying to keep Fergus busy so he does not get so bored and fed up. We washed old bikes and advertised them for sale, stoked an impressive bonfire and attempted to cut back some brambles behind my workshop. He has been getting involved in the kitchen and taking Welly for extra walks and is definitely in a better mood having spent less time vegging out watching Youtube;)

I have not tinkered with anything of my own this week and have been working on a customer quilt. I don’t know what possessed me to quilt a LOT of half-inch grids but it does look really good. I need to finish it off then concentrate on making up samples for a series of requested classes with a fishy theme. Actually, updating my class-list has now been on my TO DO list for weeks and I feel guilty that this has not already been done but my calendar is becoming increasingly hectic which is good for business but not for my sanity!

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