Sunday, 18 July 2021

Poo Brown to Pretty Pink Transformation


Ages ago I bought a set of old, Polish bentwood chairs for £2.00 each. I like to imagine they were made in pre-war or Cold War era Krakow;) Somebody had painted over the original wood in what can only be described as poo-brown gloss. I kept meaning to repaint them but never got around to it until this week. It has been very hot here and we really had to be outside in the shade so I decided to start on a couple of the chairs. I used a pale pink chalk paint which did not require any prep since I hate sanding. The paint dried extremely quickly and is not the neatest finish by any stretch of the imagination but since the old poo-brown gloss was already drippy, I think the end result is an improvement. It is funny how painted or stripped furniture goes in and out of fashion. As a student I painted some hideous Victorian furniture with yellow gloss. I daresay someone has now covered it all up with ubiquitous French grey chalk paint by now. 

I finally finished all of the ruler lines on the cat quilt which looked very smart when it was all done. 

I got a small all-over quilt done and thought I had caught up with everything in time to get super-organised for FOQ when 5 more quilts got dropped off - I am certainly not complaining! 

I gave another Zoom lesson on Friday which worked fairly well but I am still not happy with my camera setup so I spent a long time on Youtube trying to figure out how to get 3 camera views showing at once with only one audio source. It is not easy to find the exact information that I want. I hope to get it sussed so that every time I arrange a lesson the sound and video works seamlessly from the beginning - no camera dropping out. I had previously managed to add an extra camera by joining my own meeting by phone but for some reason this time that mucked everything up. I intend to spend a whole day on this until I get it to work consistently. 

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