Sunday, 17 September 2023

Some Glasgow Adventures

 This week was rather busy as I got myself organised to teach 2 workshops in Glasgow. I had 3 customer quilts to complete, hand-outs to prepare and some samples to produce. I drew several examples of quilting designs and laminated them until my aged laminator decided to swallow some whole. I tried taking it apart but I decided it was a lost cause. I think in future I might actually stitch the examples as well for reference. 

I stopped in Dundee on the way to Glasgow to visit the Tartan Exhibition at the V&A. It was a really diverse collection and I am glad that I went. 

I taught a day’s workshop for the Glasgow Modern Quilt Group on domestic machine quilting, covering walking foot, free motion and ruler quilting. The participants said that they learned some good tips and enjoyed their time experimenting with the different techniques. I took some of my quilts along to show them off;)

When I was booked to teach 2 separate workshops in Glasgow, I thought it would save travel costs to stay in the city for a few days. I stayed in Freya’s flat but she was actually away camping so I had to entertain myself. I walked to the University and wandered around the Hunterian Museum which houses fossils and gruesome medical exhibits, amongst other artefacts. Next I visited the Kelvingrove Art Gallery which houses amazing paintings and many different collections. There was a special Mary Quant exhibition and I had hoped to take photos for Nella but photography was banned and the guidebook was £30.00!

I fancied some lunch after all that culture so I found myself at a street-food warehouse called Dockyard Social, where I had a pick-n-mix of pakoras. 

It was raining on my long walk back to Freya’s flat near The Botanic Gardens and amazingly, I managed to find some curtain hooks in a wee shop, suitable to fix the hideous curtains that were clinging on by 2 hooks. I had an afternoon of hoovering and furniture shifting because obviously I could not just fix the offending curtains - I felt compelled to get stuck into the entire room while left to my own devices. Her flat mates came home just before I had finished but luckily they did not mind the changes and were glad that the curtains looked more respectable, even though I don’t think anyone should actually attempt to draw them!

Tomorrow I plan to visit a National Trust property on my way to stay with Ellen. Hopefully it won’t rain constantly and we will find interesting things to do. 

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