Sunday 25 February 2024

At Your Auntie's


When I was little if you were “At your Auntie’s / Granny’s House”, normal rules did not apply. My sister and her boys came to visit for their half-term hols and they were allowed to do pretty much what they liked;) Luckily, we had decent weather almost all week so we went for long walks with Nessie and had a trip to Aberdeen on the wet day. Other than that it was very relaxed with video games, crafts and snacks. The boys thought my cluttered house was great as it contains every known gadget, book and musical instrument yet there is no cold water in the bathroom and the kitchen ceiling threatens to collapse at any time.

My only quilt related activities were sending “Help ma Boab” off to ICHF Events for the Scottish Quilt Show and making a couple of short promotional videos for my forthcoming teaching weekend at Quilt Direct in Devon. One of the videos was a tongue in cheek scone test, wondering if Devon or Cornwall won on the jam vs. cream debate. I have a bit of an admin / catch-up type of week ahead and will make sure that I am thoroughly prepared for my teaching trip. I might even practise those blasted Beziers!

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