Sunday 3 March 2024

Let Me Get This Straight


I have embarked on a childish challenge to grow my hair as long as possible. I was never allowed to have long hair as a child and my Dad recently disparagingly asked how long I was going to grow it for to which I replied, peevishly, “Until it reaches the pavement!” I don’t go to the hairdresser very often because they usually want to chop 6” off but every now and then I have to trim my fringe (bangs) with dress-making scissors, sometimes pinking shears, usually in the reflection of my workshop window. I have been getting it remarkably straight and apart from filming myself for Youtube tutorials, I don’t get out much and can even wear a hat;)

I have been sitting in front of my computer for hours this week, mostly checking that I am ready for my Devon teaching weekend. I also did a quilt for my friend, Ellen. She said that she was sick of the sight of it because it just would not behave. I think there was a conflict between the rather stretchy Moda fabrics and the stiff white-on-white background fabric. It would definitely have been challenging on a domestic machine because it was pretty large.  I just did simple wavy lines to keep it fresh and modern and I think it turned out well. 

I have made an effort to get myself noticed online a bit more so the bookings might go up at Quilt Direct. Before 2019 I posted daily video snippets like a “Thought of the Day” but Nella’s illness and the Pandemic cancelled them. I filmed, edited and posted 2 tutorials onto Youtube as well as launching a daft mini series on my “Gadget of the Day”. So far I have posted a mini tripod that has one leg that is a carabiner and a jumper shaver. I have already had several hundred views which is bizarre!

I must focus this week and not get sucked into a Youtube vortex. It is a good job that I have some tasks written down, including 3 zip-up clam pouches because I really wanted to make something easy and useful. 

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