Saturday 30 March 2024

Lost and Broken

 No need to be alarmed - the title does not refer to a sad music album that I have written! It has been a week when I seem to have lost and broken more things than usual. I hunted high and low for some Swiss Army knives, blaming everyone else in the house for hoarding them then eventually found them at the back of a drawer where I had put them. When I was unspooling some thread off a Bernina bobbin it jumped out of my hand and disappeared under a really awkward cupboard. I looked everywhere for a quilt that turned up underneath a mattress.

The most annoying thing was that I dropped my phone which was inside a case and bag, smashing the glass on the back which disabled the camera. I had to hang around in Aberdeen for hours while I waited to get if fixed which cost me £100.00 (Apple wanted £459.00!) When I looked at it at home I realised that the back glass had been replaced with a metal panel and the camera was still broken so now if I try to trade it in will be worth even less. I ordered a replacement from Music Magpie which is working well. I could have put up with the broken phone but then would have had to keep a camera handy - it is easy to forget how reliant we have all become on the convenience of smart phones.

I did not seem to get any of the “homework” that I had set myself done this week. I have Nella home for the holidays and helped Fergus to tidy up his CV. I eventually got a customer quilt done - a super Triple Irish chain wedding quilt for recipients in Ireland, quilted with shamrocks. I am tempted to go down at least 2 unnecessary rabbit holes, either piecing a diamond or triangle quilt using up my stash and / or designing some digital sashiko style motifs to work on a panel featuring Japanese motifs with a Zoom pupil. The Tula Pink butterfly quiltalong starts on Monday and I have no idea how I will keep up with that, do customer quilts and get Fergus ready to move to Glasgow!

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