Sunday 7 July 2024

I probably will NOT get a job as a Van Driver;)


For 2 days I drove a big van around Glasgow helping Fergus and his pals move all of their belongings from the East End to the Southside. They were still shifting their beds from one top floor flat to another top floor flat after midnight. There was a fridge pickup in the middle of the evening after refuelling with a takeaway curry. The boys are delighted with the new digs which have been recently redecorated. Luckily, they are all respectful lads and will make an effort to keep it nice. I thought I was was a great van driver but would be unlikely to be employed in that role as I did not help move any furniture and had to get Fergus to do the parking;)

I did a little more piecing on the Tula Pink butterfly but most of my week was taken up with teaching longarm quilting in person and online. 

Freya came home to bring her tortoise on holiday so she can go trekking in Slovakia and inter-rail /backpack to a few European cities on the way. 

Nella and I have come down to Norfolk for the week which looks like it may be damp. I am regretting leaving Nessie’s raincoat behind. It took 11.5 hours which is longer than usual. It is really better to start off the journey in Glasgow but then it becomes a 2 day trip. I did not bring any craft projects with me - perhaps I will just watch some Youtube tutorials this week instead;)

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