Sunday, 6 June 2010

Information Overload


I have had so much information to deal with this week that I wonder if my brain can actually manage to process any more "stuff". I was even told that Gin can cause depression and maybe that was why I was feeling so over whelmed but I refuse to believe that. I have been making lists and researching all sorts of things while trying to get everything else done as usual. As light relief, it was fun to get a couple of cool apps for my ipad such as Wickipanion and Wolfram Alpha. I can find out all sorts of really obscure and useless information that might just come in handy, including how candy floss is made. Scrabble for the ipad is fun too but the computer cheats; it gets to choose whatever letters it likes and it uses American spellings. I also downloaded an ibook that is the sequel to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". After a slow and slightly confusing start, I became absolutely enthralled by this complex thriller so I look forward to finding out what reading a whole electronic book will really be like.


I read all of the reviews and decided which battery back-up pack to order for my longarm machine to see if I can eradicate unexpected power surges and then I set off on a mission to discover how to get mobile wifi. I have discovered that it is possible to get a mini modem that provides "Mifi" but the sole UK provider has patchy connections around the country. This would have been really useful when Judi at British P&Q Magazine phoned to ask if I could proofread my interview and send high resolution pictures just as I was leaving to take the children to their after school swimming club.


I have been chasing up queries regarding Yurt shipping and waiting for quotes. I need to have a list of potential expenses to decide whether it is the most cost effective to ship the original Yurt with a customs carnet and unknown insurance costs or get another American frame under sponsorship and transport the coverings vacuum packed in suitcases as my baggage. Figuring out the costs will be the key to deciding what to do. Can I afford to take off and tour America? How will I generate an income? My husband is not convinced that my business will ever make money. He is not happy that we have to spend a large sum of money on pipes and stone to fix a broken soakaway when he would rather be saving up for a sports car. I have been lining up some Yurt sponsors and so far have promises of some fabric that I could use for Yurt 2 but sadly no hard cash as yet. My next mission is to find out whether any grants are available for people who would promote Scotland abroad. I want to get permission to put the Yurt up outside a picturesque Scottish castle as that would make a terrific photo shoot. It may be hard to choose a day when it will actually be bright. I am typing this sitting in a deckchair at a school football tournament wearing a long raincoat and boots. It is like a fete with candy floss and pony rides but everyone is wearing wellies and gloves. Yesterday was beautifully warm and sunny - midsummer in Scotland is extremely unpredictable!


I went back to the children's school to continue with their patchwork project but it has not progressed as much as I had hoped. They were meant to do some finishing off but other things had cropped up on their timetable. I also have calls to make on behalf of the Parent Council and correspondence and events to sort out as Aberdeenshire rep for the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles. I also started a long overdue customer quilt but instead of keeping things plain and simple, I have managed to overdo it so that after 3 long days standing at the machine, I have only just passed the half way point. I really do annoy myself sometimes. I would rather get back to the unfinished Yurt panels or simply make something quick and easy to remind myself that quilting is actually meant to be fun and not an endurance test.


My frustrated mood lifted a bit after I completed a big tidying session in Fenella's bedroom but she wasn't speaking to me after she discovered that I had recycled some of her cardboard junk models. I need to balance all of my chores next week so that I don't get so bogged down. It would actually be quite satisfying to get some mundane tasks done so I may even paint the loo in the workshop at last. Painting and listening to podcasts is usually good thinking time. I was also wondering whether to tackle DIY tongue and groove boards in the sitting room. After all, I just need to cut the pieces to the right length then nail them or use extra strong glue to attach them to the plaster board... what could possibly go wrong?

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