Sunday, 30 May 2010

What does a press release look like anyway?



Gillian Cooper from Popular Patchwork Magazine told me I should write a press release about the Yurt so I came up with a single page of info and some pictures that I think will do the job until someone points out that it should be any different...


The picture shows the top of the press release that I scanned in because Picasa wouldn't import it and reduce for me as it contained words! You can't see the whole page because the printer ran out of ink!! If anyone really wants a full copy I can send it as a pdf or a Word Doc


I have to say that I am sorry if I failed to mention that you called in the Yurt at LLQS like Mo, Joyce, Ann, Isabel, Norma, Nancy and Angela...! (this is just like the Oscars!) I really appreciate the effort made by everyone who came especially to see the finished Yurt.


I have had an awful lot to think about this week, trying to decide how to get Yurt bookings and sponsors, how to ship it, and where and when it should go to the USA if it is also wanted in Europe. I think I must be dreaming about all of these decisions since it feels like my brain is processing all of this even when I am supposed to be asleep in the middle of the night. 


I have clearly not been thinking about everyday things. I went to the Bank to complain that every time I try to use my bank card, the ATM tells me that the PIN number is invalid and I have checked it several times. I was informed that I had cut up the wrong card and was trying to use the wrong card with the correct number. They really shouldn't make them all the same colour. When I got dressed one morning the first pair of knickers out of the drawer were those "hold you in" ones. I thought, "Blimey, these ones must really be working 'cos my jeans keep falling down." It wasn't until after breakfast as I hoiked up the loose jeans that I realised I hadn't actually zipped them up in the first place. While on the phone to the APQS factory in Iowa ordering some knurled nuts, I burnt the children's omlette and they told their Dad that I was responsible for the cobbled bottom of the saucepan in which I recently burnt mashed potato.


I spent some time putting away all of the Yurty stuff so that it can travel more compactly the next time. The Chinese lantern fairy lights kept bouncing all over the studio and I took ages to unravel 56 metres of purple pompoms. I thought I would have a go at finally replacing my Milli circuit boards however, after opening the box and looking at a picture of circuit diagrams, decided to wimp out and wait until my husband could give me a hand. I failed O- level Electronics after all! Instead I spent a couple of hours removing broken and sellotaped items from Fergus's bedroom. It had been my intention to do a bit of spring cleaning but that is as far as I got apart from scraping some bits of dead rabbit off the front doorstep that Bitzi had left there.


All in all, I did get a lot done. I took the Landy to the weighbridge at the quarry twice - empty and fully loaded with Yurt so I could find out the weight - 220 kg, actually. I arranged that the sawmill could treat the timber frame for ISPM15 compliance if I want to export it. I have typed out the programme for a longarm teaching weekend at the beginning of July but I still don't seem to have sent it by email to the people who may be interested. I confess that I wasted a little while browsing tartan Doc Martens on the internet.


We did get Milli's circuits and encoders all sorted so I did a simple customer quilt which featured tractors - it had one inch " furrows" until I decided that it needed half inch furrows so that it would have great texture when washed. I helped to hang some of the Aberdeen P&Q group's quilts at Crathes Castle - there were almost too many willing volunteers so progress wasn't that quick. I attended an evening meeting for parents of pupils moving to secondary school in August. I was amused when our guide said, "This is LIKE the library where you can borrow books AND STUFF...?" as opposed to an actual library, I suppose!

My parents arrived for the weekend in their caravan and I took them on an outing to Costco so we could do Saturday morning tasting and sampling. My Dad bought 2 toilet seats with amazing automatically closing lids.


Ipads are now available in the UK so it was exciting to be able to get a couple of useful apps. As an experiment, I have typed this week's Blog on the ipad. It should be possible to save the text as a Word document or email it to my laptop. This will be great as I can easily fit the ipad into a bag and do a bit of typing in all sorts of places. Maybe I will even get cracking on THAT book...! 

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