Sunday, 12 June 2011

A Little Downtime

It was a good thing that I got on with several projects early on in the week to make up for some "lost" time later on. The trapunto on the Celtic Knotwork2 panel is coming along nicely. I quilted and dyed some more Yurt2 roof material and I added an assortment of Oakshott squares to make a wacky piece of African thistle fabric large enough for a Yurt panel. This is the first time that I have deliberately used an obviously printed fabric for a yurt panel but the thistle design is perfect. The squares were joined as "in-betweeners" while I pieced Celtic Circles2 so it seemed like I was piecing two quilts at once. I had hoped to get it all done and photographed but I was hit by a nasty sore throat which I suspect may have been tonsillitis so I had a couple of go-slow days. This coincided with a visit from my parents who have been on a tour of Scotland in their caravan, so actually the timing worked out rather well for a lazy and sociable few days.

I was disappointed with my pumpernickel bread that took two days to assemble and then got badly stuck to the cast iron pan that it was baked in. I broke a knife and a spatula trying to extract the bread from the pan and have made an amendment to the recipe book stating that it must be baked in a tined lined with baking paper and protected with layers of brown parcel paper like a Christmas cake. Once I sawed off the blackened, crispy crust, the inside was actually pretty good. At least the dogs enjoyed it.

After harassing the garage every day for seeming to take forever to diagnose the extent of the Landy's electrical problems and get in the new parts, I finally got it back at the weekend. I breathed a sigh of relief as it started up beautifully. The garage has not yet presented me with the bill so I had better get stuck into the next customer quilt with gusto this week in case it is bad news!

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