Sunday, 5 June 2011



My week got off to a great start as I multi-tasked baking flapjacks, bagels and a loaf on Monday flying between dyeing and quilting yurt roof panels on Milli and the Celtic Drunkard's Path on Lenni! I had grand plans to plough through a mammoth to do list in the following days after fitting in a school trip and a shopping trip to Aberdeen. I helped transport Fergus's class on a visit with the Ghillie for a demonstration of fly-fishing for salmon. It was a beautiful day on Royal Deeside - the children really enjoyed paddling in the shallows looking for small fry and thought it was hilarious when an eel bit one of the class. 

Wednesday morning also started off according to plan. I posted LSD off to Australia for an exorbitant fee, made more bread and read a patchwork magazine before heading off to have coffee at Mo's. My neighbour asked if I could help to start her car which had a flat battery. I had a niggling feeling that I didn't really want to attempt it as the Landy's battery is tucked away under the passenger seat but we always try to help each other out so we unravelled the jump leads to do some vehicular CPR. A short circuit happened somewhere and an alarming spark frazzled out from my car's battery. When I tried to restart my car it was dead. I called the AA but could not actually explain the whole story because I don't suppose that sort of casualty is covered. The mechanic tried to tell me that I had probably run out of fuel but I insisted that "in my opinion it seemed to be an electrical fault"... He had to call for a larger truck to tow the forlorn Landy to the garage, which by this time, had closed for the day. Just like the parent of a child with an unknown illness, I searched the Internet to track down a diagnosis and then worried about the possible symptoms even more.

The next day was gloriously hot and two mechanics were "off sick" (obviously skiving) so it was nearly 5pm by the time the garage phoned to say that it was mended. I asked Mo to drop me off in Banchory on Friday morning to collect the Landy. However, there seemed to have been a miscommunication since the Landy was still dead and no-one seemed to know who had actually looked at it. I started walking home dejectedly knowing that Mo never takes her mobile phone with her but luckily she had a sixth sense that I would need a lift home and she spotted me on her way to Tesco. I was very annoyed with myself for thinking that I could tackle any job but instead I caused unknown damage to my own car which could yet prove to have been a costly mistake. I have made a pledge not to attempt any more rescuing, towing or botched mechanics in future. To make myself feel better I made doughnuts and as a punishment I refolded every single piece of fabric in my workshop. Actually, it was very therapeutic to sort through the stash and the neat drawers look most satisfying.


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