Sunday, 30 October 2011

Trick or Treat

By now I should know better than to plan out my week. I received two phone calls from schools on Monday asking me to do some supply teaching. I had less than 12 hours to worry about my first morning of teaching children in eleven years. I jotted down a mini project on pets, put on a skirt, found my whistle and chose a story to read. I went straight back into teacher mode and I managed to keep the class busy and under control. I eventually worked out how to write on the electronic "Smartboard" but I confess that I missed the blackboard and teacher's desk.  I even turned down more dates that I was offered by two more schools because they clashed with my forthcoming quilt classes. I have actually spent some of my wages already on a couple more teacher outfits, some new books and an impulse EBay purchase of a vintage thermos flask so that I can take my own coffee. I will have to work out a polite way of saying that I think I am "allergic" to staffroom instant coffee.

By midweek I still had not sewed a stitch so I was determined to get cracking on a couple of projects. I erred on the side of caution and ordered a colour swatch card from Cherrywood Fabrics rather than just choose off the internet. I cut out more strips for the Happy House blocks as a "just for fun in between" quilt. I have decided to mix my modern Aboriginal fabrics up with my subtle coloured Starr hand-dyes for a remake of Bewitched. I didn't think I would want to make the same quilt twice but it was much admired before I sold it during NEOS week. Several people asked me to run a workshop or create a pattern so I might as well make a new one in different colours!

I washed and dried the ugly 1940's quilt but to my alarm, due to the combination of a double wool and cotton wadding, it was all buckled and hairy when it came out of the dryer. There was nothing for it – I ironed it into shape before binding it. There was no way that I would be able to put it up for sale in my Etsy shop so my husband suggested that I just throw it on the bed. It has a certain old fashioned charm, I suppose, and it is definitely warm so it might as well make itself useful until it is time to get the Christmas one out.

I remade and photographed the Silent Movie Star block so that I could simplify and improve the instructions so it looks like there will be a new and improved version of that quilt too, although the interesting thing is that I have chosen to remake it in very similar fabrics.

I quilted one of three Hallowe'en tea towels from The Piggly Wiggly and felt decidedly rusty after not having done any serious longarming for a couple of weeks. It looks rather fun but the other two may have to wait be done in time for next year.

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