Sunday, 23 October 2011

What's Cooking?

Landrover dashboards were obviously designed to hold salt, vinegar and pots of mushy peas. We had an uneventful train trip back from Norfolk but really felt a chill when we got off at Stonehaven. The Landrover was filled with the steamy aroma of chips as we chomped our way through fish suppers, watching the crashing waves through a gap in the steamy windscreen.

Mo and I put some dates in our diaries for quilting & felting classes so now I just need to slot in a few more classes then let everyone know what will be on offer. I received an acceptance letter for supply teaching but already I think I may have to reduce the amount of time that I will be available to be on call as I hope to be busy running workshops. I kept getting sidetracked and not quite managing to finish that job by sorting out winter gear, ordering Lego lightsabres from ebay and taking Fenella clothes shopping for her birthday. I bought a great peaked hat with a fluffy green cap that made Freya laugh out loud when she saw it – I think it is pretty cool and it was a bargain – I just don't know what will happen to it if it rains. My time was spent doing correspondence and planning a birthday party. Freya and I made a lemon sponge encased in a hard caramel case that was not as easy to handle as the demonstration on TV had led us to believe. It looked impressive and tasted great but I think I could do with a few days of vegetable broth to get all of that butter and sugar out of my system.

I quilted almost to the end of the ugly 1940's quilt top but I am still not convinced that it will look much better when it is washed and bound. If I really can't see it on my bed then it will have to go into the Etsy shop. I still have not decided which bed to put the Amish quilt on and I am running out of space in my quilt press.

I hope to quilt 3 Hallowe'en tea towels that I bought in The Piggly Wiggly as wall hangings to replace the one that I did about 7 years ago that still annoys me. I could requilt it but as it only hangs on the wall for about a week each year, I should probably get on and do something more useful instead.

I must improve the corner block instructions for Silent Movie Star as I made an error in the middle of my photo story and after that I am keen to start work on a show quilt that I have been planning for a while. The children go back to school this week and I hope to fit in LOTS of overdue projects...


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