Sunday, 15 June 2014

Beanz and Walnut Whips

There are some days when the perfect supper is beans on toast followed by walnut whips from M&S. I survived 3 days with Primary One but admit that I found it really hard work. They wore me out squabbling over pencils, hand-puppets and lego. I kept them as busy as possible and heaved a sigh of relief when the bell rang on Friday. 

When I checked my calendar for the coming week, I was delighted to see that there were no teaching days scheduled so I will work hard to get the Totem Henge nearer to completion. I have all of the bits and pieces ready to punch eyelets and lace up the leather skins and a weird collection of antler toggles to dangle from the cords. 

I quilted random concentric circles onto the large piece of grey tie-dyed fabric then started the endless chore of filling in all of the background with unevenly sized pebbles to make it look a bit like granite. I am worried that I may run out of matching pre-wound bobbin thread. I have been quilting these in non-stitch-regulated mode as fast as I dare and a bobbin only lasts for about one square foot. 

The floor quilt is not meant to be a large feature of the henge, just a base for it to sit on but I would still like to add some machine embroidery around some of the circles to add some definition although the Elna which does the dotty stitch that I like is not sounding too healthy and probably needs a new bobbin assembly. I have a pile of slate-grey bias strips waiting to be turned into over 300 inches of binding for the circular quilt so now I feel that the push  towards the  finish has finally begun. Then I need to ask the local florist to save me some tall boxes and get quotes from couriers to get my large project to FOQ…

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