Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lost Words

After taking almost all of Monday writing up my blog about Norway, I was annoyed to discover that for over a year Blogger seemed to have lost all of my text! Luckily I had saved the writing on my laptop so I managed to reattach it all. I daresay that if anyone was just following me on Blogger, rather than Wordpress, they would have lost interest in a blog without any commentary months ago. 

I decided to complete the quilting and embroidery on my Northern Lights cushion class “flimsy” and make another unquilted sample so the students can see the exact same before and after project that they would have in their packs. I can’t say quite why but it ended up being a rectangular cushion instead of a square one. Luckily, the local soft-furnishings shop was able to accommodate my irregularly sized cushion.

Instead of dutifully attending to paperwork and planning, I finished painting and embroidering the rings on the tops of all 9 totems. I really want to add the piping and start constructing the henge. I also need to get tackle the floor quilt pretty soon!

I taught 5 year olds for two days in an open plan classroom and found that I was quite hoarse by the end of the day. I found it very difficult reading a story while the other class was being noisy on the other side of the room. It is not easy to keep the attention of P1 pupils without distractions. I survived both days despite one pupil wetting their knickers, another having a tantrum about Lego and another who just refused to do anything at all. They were not convinced by my version of Jack from the Beanstalk, refusing to believe that he might have had dreadlocks and liked to annoy his mother by playing on his Xbox all day. My attempt at “Active Maths” involved weighing and sorting different types of dried beans then spending around 15 minutes picking them all up off the floor. At least my wall-collage of the Giant with a patchwork tartan shirt looked impressive…

I was in and out of my workshop at the weekend, trying to enjoy the summery weather in between sections of two customer quilts. I tried to keep them simple with giant bubbles and big feathers. Freya went to two parties, having finally made it to the end of 5 weeks of exams. Mo, Tania, Fenella and I enjoyed a superb, balmy evening of Fiddlers in Finzean Hall and we decided that we would love to spend a long-overdue weekend away in Shetland, tracking down folk-singers in small pubs, instead of enjoying a more cosmopolitan break in Edinburgh;)

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  1. Hi Linzi - hope you are well - i did receive the wordless posts for a while and I did wonder! Thought maybe you were uploading 'silent' posts as some bloggers have taken to doing. Love the totem work - you are soooo inspiring. Hope to see you again in the future - kind regards - Amanda