Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thistles and Thorns

I mostly managed to dodge a storm on my journey back from Birmingham but it made me rethink how much I wanted to own a caravan. It took two days to unpack, find a space to store 12 totems, put everything away and catch up on a backlog of emails. I am pleased with the Bernina’s Sewezi table but I have not allowed myself to do any sewing as it is my mission to make major changes to my woefully outdated website before I do anything else. 

This type of task is worthwhile but I always feel that I have nothing to show for spending several hours in front of my laptop. In the process I have relocated “lost” pictures and found at least 3 different copies of the Yurt Story in various stages of editing. This work should also be relevant to the book that I am trying to complete and at the same time it will be useful to have updated information when I apply to teach at quilt shows. 

I was hugely disappointed to be informed by MQX that they had decided to cancel my workshops in September.  Unfortunately, Ellen and I only booked our flights to Chicago 3 weeks ago but we decided to make ticket changes in order to visit Paducah next spring, rather than cancel our trip altogether. 

Better news arrived when Ann Long and I were told that “Dunes Duet” had won 3rd place for the Innovative category at The World Quilt Show. She has agreed that we can squander our prize money on some celebratory bespoke gin;)

It was obvious that the summer holidays were coming to a close when the weather turned autumnal, school uniform needed to be sorted and replaced and we started picking prickly brambles. The freezer is full of bags of fruit waiting to be transformed into jars of jam. Once I worked out how to assemble my new jelly-bag contraption, I stewed up rowan berries and apples in an attempt to make a sauce that will go well with game.  

There has been a very entertaining distraction in my house this week since Thistle, the fluffy-tabby kitten has moved in. She is one of Mo’s kittens which was feared lost for a couple of weeks before turning up safe in an old barn. Bluecat is not impressed at the newcomer and is determined to sulk. The real reason for me turning down supply teaching next week is that I will be kitten-sitting for Fenella while continuing to edit my website and book. I daresay that resolve will last for approximately one day before I decide to start a new project…

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