Monday, 3 August 2015

Norfolk - Here Be Dragons

Our week on the Norfolk/Suffolk border with family was low-key and relaxing despite the unseasonal damp weather. It is normally the driest part of the UK but we were accused of taking Scottish rain with us. We mooched around Beccles and Bungay, amazed by the number of vintage shops, some of which were retro and trendy whilst others were struggling to sell utter junk.

We had lunch at a beachside cafe in Gorleston after visiting several hardware stores in search of hooks, which reminded me of family shopping trips from the 1970’s when we would wait for ages in the car while my Dad tracked down elusive industrial bits and pieces.

There was a fun excursion on the River Waveney on a family friend’s boat that was unfortunately cut short by a leaking petrol hose. This was reminiscent of similar expeditions in my childhood when boat engines would conk out or sailing boats would run aground on mud so we shrugged off the melodramatic warning by the boatyard that the Broads cruiser could have exploded at any time.

Freya spent the week on a Tallship racing from Norway to Denmark but the winds were so light that the race was abandoned. She was happy to report that nobody suffered from seasickness and there was plenty of time to learn new card games and enjoy the harbour festivals. 

Nell and Fergus managed not to bicker too much while we wandered around the quaint alleyways of Norwich, impressed by the number of street cafes and by how I can still just about find my way around. The city is full of dragons this summer and I managed to find one with a patchwork theme. When I was not busy doing very little on holiday I even managed to run up the small quilt that my sister had cut out using my Mother’s “vintage” Bernina which I will quilt on the very modern Q24.

After arriving home, to even grimmer non-August weather, I blocked the Tartan quilt again before bundling it into my suitcase ready for FOQ later this week…

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