Sunday, 17 April 2016

The Impact of Moving Just ONE Piece of Furniture!

The impact of moving just ONE piece of furniture was not foreseen by me when I decided to swap a redundant chest of drawers in my workshop to make a space for my quilt cupboard which in turn would give Fergus more room for his drum kit. The cupboards had to be emptied to be shifted and their contents sorted and reorganised. It became an opportunity to tidy up shelves and make a new space for my wadding so the whole operation took longer than anticipated. 

I made a pleated potential pelmet for Purdah which I might not use and I made the skinny inner sleeve so the next task will be to trim and paint the wooden pelmet hanger.

An oversized circle of life stamp arrived from India which spurred a desire to make a circular purse with a zip around the edge. My initial attempts were not great and I realised that the neatest way to make a round purse would be to treat it like a biscuit tin but I would still like to make a zipped pancake shaped purse just for my own satisfaction. My next challenge will be to figure out cube shaped purse. I have absolutely no idea what I intend to do with all of my perfectly functional purse prototypes.

Considering that it was still the Easter hols and we had a day in St Andrews for Freya to ask students whether she would need a bike, I still managed to fit it a couple of DIY quilters and a small customer quilt made from a great selection of African fabrics. The automated quilt program that I sometimes use for simple quilts had gone a bit haywire so I had stern words with it and quilted several pantographs on top of each other until it got the bug out of its system. I did not like the twee turquoise backing fabric that I used for the sample so I dyed it arsenic green and decided that it could be used to manufacture a multitude of pouch prototypes;)

As a reward for getting things done, I allowed myself to sew up my “quilt as you go” African circles. I don’t suppose I will be able to leave them alone now that the whole pile is ready to quilt and attach…

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