Sunday, 4 April 2021

The 11th Hour

 At the start of this week Nella was seriously ill, not eating, dizzy and fainting. Her doctor was phoning hospitals, looking for a bed. She had an appointment on Wednesday afternoon to discuss a blood-test and find out whether she would be admitted to an adult medical ward until a place was available at a Young Person’s psychiatric unit. It was as is she had a sudden revelation that she did not want to spend yet more time in an institution, wasting Life on being ill so she ate lunch! We are now on Day 5 of “Recovery” and trying to keep up momentum. Already she has more energy and positivity - it is incredibly hard for her to give up a 2 year relationship with anorexia but she is currently giving it her all. Hopefully, Nella can gradually rejoin Life during the summer months and I will eventually get my Creativity back.

I did 2 simple customer quilts this week then began my second Lynette Anderson “Christmas Friends”. This time round the customer provided “Warm and Natural” wadding and I have added a layer of wool. It is definitely better at filling out the large appliqués. I will work away at this over the next week. The intense background quilting is what really takes the time. 

Nessie got a very smart haircut this week from a groomer who stood no nonsense and knew what she as doing. She actually looks like a proper Scottie at last. She is delighted that Nella is eating more since it means she can have 2 walks a day. 

We watched the last episode of Grayson Perry’s Artclub on Channel 4. It has been a really enjoyable series, making Art seem truly accessible. It did make me feel slightly guilty that instead of working on some hand-stitched masterpiece, I have been engrossed in my “Animal Crossing” game. If I ever have grandchildren who ask how I spent my time during lockdown I will tell them I created a weed-free world, complete with dinosaur park, diving school and funfair...

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  1. Happy for you. Time spent with Animal Crossing is not wasted- I'm doing puzzles-- LOL. It's RECHARGING time. You can't sew 24 hours a day-- believe me I've tried! xox