Sunday, 19 June 2022

Midsummer (Supposedly)


I wish there was a happy medium of summer weather in the UK. England has been sweltering in a heatwave while Scotland has been coolish and grey. I don’t actually like to be hot so my ideal weather would be around 21C, sunny with no wind:) My garden roses look and smell fantastic and I have no idea how they do it. They get hacked back in winter, never get fed or debugged and their soil is poor. I can barely see out of my window because “Geoff Hamilton” is blocking the view. I really should get more roses and shove them everywhere to replace the nettle and willow-bay borders.

I had a large Storm-at-Sea customer quilt this week that took some time to be quilted with a modern Baptist Fan pattern called “Stacked Snails”. It is not always obvious to see the curved effect that the diamonds on the patchwork create unless you stand back. Maybe a high, mirrored ceiling over the bed would be the answer to admire the handiwork!

I managed to get all 4 Rainbow Warliors quilts to finish at 30” x 40” after some jiggery-pokery. I did not particularly want them to be uniformly symmetrical so there was a bit of measuring and adjusting to be done. I ordered multicoloured backing fabric like the big version of the quilt so I hope to start the quilting soon. 

But first - it will be Freya’s long postponed graduation from St Andrews next week and my maiden voyage in the caravan…

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