Sunday, 8 May 2022

Smart Sleepover

I have caught up with all of my customer quilts for now so I had time to finish a few things off in the caravan. The dead battery finally got recharged and I was able to get the water pump going at last. I now know how to get the gas going so I practised making toast in the grill. I thought it would be fun to be able to lie in bed and get Alexa to turn gadgets on so I invested in a couple of smart plugs. I can now command Alexa to switch the kettle, heater and lights on! I am not sure if she will be able to do that when I am on a campsite and have to use a different wifi connection without too much jiggery-pokery;)

Nella, Nessie and I had a very comfortable sleepover in the caravan followed by breakfast and agreed that it was far nicer than camping in a tent. 

Since Spring is in full swing I have more eggs than I can get through myself so I made a batch of delicious lemon curd. I got some spare blankets out of a cupboard-of-doom in the house, thought I should reorganise it, scrub the damp patches and repaint but then just shut the door and walked away.

It was good to have some “spare” time this week to catch up and do some experimenting with Qmatic before a session with my Zoom pupil. I will type out some notes and make a video summary before I forget. 

I have not yet had compensation from KLM for my cancelled flight and the ensuing expenses of around £500.00  I am not at all impressed by how difficult it has been to get in touch with customer services so that will be my top priority this week. 

I did have a look at a an unfinished patchwork project, found that I had cut out the pattern pieces and gathered some fabric but that has not yet progressed further.

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