Sunday, 31 July 2022

Sparkly and Sticky

Yet again I started a job that I had not planned - it was just meant to be a minor try-out but I got carried away. I decided to paint some of the trims on the caravan a dusky pink then glaze with a sparkly varnish. The glitter did not seem to spread evenly and it just looked dirty. The trouble is that even clear varnish dries yellowish. I decided to sand that off and go back to pink! I have a huge collection of flower-power stickers to attach but I think I may need some help to apply them.

I felt like I was on TV’s “Repair Shop” when I fixed the damaged tow hitch cover. I attached pieces of a plastic box to an area that was broken, splinted that with sticky fibre glass then squished in some plastic filler. I wish I could garner up the same enthusiasm to fix things in my house;)

I spent much of the week working on a Q-Matic whole-cloth quilt just as a practice exercise. I matched up most of the elements accurately and now I feel confident that I could teach those techniques to pupils. 

I can’t believe that August starts on Monday. This year is certainly moving at some pace!

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