Sunday 26 November 2023

Organising Chaos

 It has been quite a week! I started out by taking my dad to the dentist then a care home for a week’s respite visit, then my sister and I took my Mum home from hospital. She is finding it difficult to rest and recuperate as she usually runs around after my Dad. She had become quite stressed and overwhelmed, which I am sure led to the mini-stroke (TIA). I have tried to find ways of simplifying daily life here. I don’t know whether it is because their house is spacious and has lots of cupboards but there seemed to be “stuff” stashed in multiple places. I find that organising things reduces stress so I rounded up all of the meds and first aid supplies, putting them into labelled boxes in one sideboard. I will probably find that everything gets returned to its original place when I leave;)

Although I brought my laptop to try and do some work, my role as a temporary carer takes  an astonishing amount of time, patience and brain-space. I admire anyone who deals with it full time and I feel that people who work with Old People deserve far better wages!

I did go into Norwich one late afternoon for a mooch and met Nella for dinner which was nice. Nessie has been a very good dog and loves sitting on the back of the sofa to watch out for visitors.

The coming week will be interesting as I will be the carer for both parents. My sister and I are trying to persuade my Mum to accept more help and once that is in place I should be able to head home. I think my Dad would like me to hang around as long as possible but I definitely want to be back for Fergus’ birthday in mid December at the latest.

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